About Us

Rojel's main management is a team of experts who have been in the IT industry for over 20 years in the fast-changing, IT focused Korea.
After living a busy life in our home country, we took on the challenge of a second life and immigrated to New Zealand.
We constantly asked ourselves how we could make values living in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a country that boasts one of the best natural environments in the world.
Fascinated by the pristine nature of New Zealand, we thought it would be nice to add value to the products of New Zealand's environment and to help the health of our community, and even globally.

So, we chose beekeeping and founded Rojel upon this idea: "Let's contribute to people’s health and beauty by researching and developing bee products made by healthy bees."

Our wish is to continue to provide health and beauty products to you by adding value to the six major bee products made by New Zealand’s healthy bees - honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis, bee venom, and wax.
In particular, royal jelly and bee venom that bees secrete for themselves from their body are the core products of Rojel.

Rojel Royal Jelly Apiary Auckland


Royal Jelly RMP

Rojel has been approved as a Royal Jelly RMP(Risk Management Programme) operator by NZ Ministry of Primary Industry.

RMP is a government regulation governing all data management, facility maintenance, hygiene, and quality related to the production, sales, and other processes of livestock products including bee products.

New Zealand beekeepers must obtain RMP approval to export bee products overseas.

For more information on RMP, please click here.

ROJEL Royal Jelly RMP Notice of Registration